The Wall 

Boarder security, state-full packet inspection, country blocking, and secure remote access.

  • State-full packet inspection
  • Network boarder Antivirus w/ Google Safe Browsing.  Antivirus is run at the edge of your network saving your computers and laptops the work and saving you money in license fees.
  • Real time emerging threat updates, automatically updates with the latest malware threat and IP reputation information for maximum network security.
  • URL Filtering, list specific website or website categories to be blocked from your network
    • Firewall Schedules, enforce certain rules or filtering at specified times and dates. 
      • Mobile and site to site VPN
      • High Availability (requires 2 systems)
      • Load Balancing and failover or 2 or more ISP's
      • Bandwidth reports on local users
      • Country Blocking
      • Intel Network Hardware
      • 5 year warranty on any hardware failure, same day replacement*
      • Sustainable computing - all Firewalls built by Wave 'n Wire and built using grade A off lease Dell Optiplex computers.  We use Dell Otiplex due to the high quality parts used to originally build them.  We add an SSD hard drive, Intel network interface cards, RAM and our firewall software to make a very powerful firewall for a fraction of the expense of the leading brands and there no licensing or support fees required.  They can also be easily customized to fit a specific application. 
      • Technical Details...
    *within Wave 'n Wire's service area of Chicago and surrounding suburbs, requires service contract