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Boarder security, state-full packet inspection, country blocking, and secure remote access.

The Machine:
  • Dell Optiplex, Core i7 3.4Ghz, 8GB PC3-12800, 256GB Intel SSD
  • Network boarder Antivirus w/ Google Safe Browsing.  Antivirus is run at the edge of your network saving your computers and laptops the work and saving you money in license fees.
  • Real time emerging threat updates*, automatically updates firewall block rules with the latest malware threat and IP reputation information for maximum network security.
  • URL Filtering, list specific website or website categories to be blocked from your network
    • Firewall Schedules, enforce rules or filtering at specified times and dates. 
      • Mobile and site to site VPN
      • High Availability (requires 2 appliances)
      • Load Balancing
    *Some levels of this service require a subscription.